3 Large Electricity Perform Winners So Far This Thirty day period!

Chat about starting 2022 on a solid note! In January so far, Iowa has noticed 3 major Electric power Play® winners in Powerball®, and the next opportunity comes in tonight’s drawing.

The hottest Electrical power Perform winner is a northeast Iowa gentleman who claimed a $150,000 prize this afternoon at our Cedar Rapids workplace. James Bardon of Durango took property that prize with a ticket he brought for Monday’s Powerball drawing.

James acquired his winning ticket at Hartig Drug Enterprise, 1600 College Ave. in Dubuque, and at first received a $50,000 prize by matching four of the white balls and the Powerball. But he also extra the Ability Play solution to his ticket, and the Ability Play quantity in Monday’s drawing was 3, so his prize tripled to $150,000!

In previous Saturday’s Powerball drawing, William Dalzeil of Ainsworth received a $100,000 prize. His ticket also initially gained $50,000 for matching four of the white balls and the Powerball. But he also experienced additional the Ability Play solution to his ticket, and the Energy Enjoy quantity that evening was 2, so his prize was multiplied to $100,000!

If you are not acquainted with the Electric power Participate in alternative, it expenses an added $1 per spend. It’s termed a multiplier simply because it will multiply any prize you earn apart from the jackpot by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 periods, depending on the Power Play variety picked in that night’s drawing.

The biggest Electrical power Perform winners this month were Karla and Keith Elenz of New Hampton, who claimed a $2 million prize from the Jan. 10 Powerball drawing. Their ticket originally received a $1 million prize for matching the five white balls but lacking the Powerball. But Karla, who acquired their ticket at a neighborhood convenience shop, had added the Ability Engage in option, so their prize was multiplied to $2 million.

The upcoming possibility for a person to earn a Power Participate in prize will come in tonight’s Powerball drawing. We’ll see what the news tomorrow might carry!

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