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Custom made leather items from Siam Leather Goods can be translated from a customer's imagination to a paper sketch and into reality. The possibilities are limitless! Everything from a custom made motorcycle seat cover with stingray skin to an alligator cigar case with personal initials is possible. In fact, many of our customers are fashion designers looking for quality craftsmanship to turn their drawings and words into a real product. To ensure complete satisfaction, customers will receive a picture of their product via email for approval before the product is shipped to their doorstep. We take care each of our client individually and do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.

If you love motorcycles, really indulge your sense of individual style by customizing your motorcycle jacket with snake skin. If you have had a recent success in your career, customize your briefcase with shark skin. And everyone should feel the joy of wearing their own custom-made pair of leather cowboy boots. At Siam Leather Goods, we proudly specialize in creating individual, one of a kind, custom-made leather goods.

In addition to the sheer pleasure of carrying a custom-made leather briefcase or wearing a pair of custom cowboy boots, you can take pride in the value and quality of the workmanship. Since Siam Leather Goods is the manufacturer, we allow you to cut out that proverbial middle man, saving you money on an item that is of the highest quality. Custom-made leather goods also maintain their appearance and luster far longer than a shoddy, generic, mass-produced retail version.

Stand out from the crowd and get noticed! Celebrate your own personal style with custom-made leather goods from Siam Leather Goods. Visit, and feel free to contact us for more information at

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