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If you have large or wide feet, you should not have to settle for the bulky and plain shoes offered at retail stores. Siam Leather Goods can customize any size or width of shoe, and will work with you on the design, leather choice, and color. If you're looking for designer-inspired shoes in a triple wide, we can handle that. Our attention to detail is remarkable, and we work diligently to ensure the perfect pair of shoes for you. We can also create individualized shoes for those who have special fitting needs due to arthritis, hip replacement, or a leg that's longer than the other. We will custom make a "shoe last"--a mold of customers' feet--from customers' foot measurements. We will save this "shoe last" under the customer's name and use it for the next order. We invest in our customers the first time, so that you can be confident coming back to us for life. Best of all, our custom-created shoes will not only feel incredibly comfortable, they'll look amazing.

After all, a lot can be said about shoes. Fashionistas proclaim that shoes are the foundation of style and appearance. Others will say that you can tell a lot about a person by the quality of their shoes. And there are the practical minded, that insist you should always spend money on a good pair of shoes for the sake of value and comfort.

With that being said, shoes are the key players in a wardrobe, and they should be well-made. After all, we have to walk and stand in them all day, and they provide the base for every one of our daily activities. The best way to ensure owning a high quality, yet stunning, pair of shoes is to purchase a custom-made pair. Siam Leather Goods is the leading boutique specializing custom made leather shoes. When you are ready to take your wardrobe into your own hands, you can visit or reach us at

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