Large Size Shoes

If you have large or wide feet, you might have spent years choosing from a limited selection of large shoes. At Siam Leather Goods, we celebrate both function and form in our custom made shoes, and we can create a stunning, stylish, and comfortably fitting pair of shoes in any size.

Our shoe making process presents you with many options. You may choose your own style from patterns, leathers, and colors. You can also adapt an existing style that you have always admired, but were unable to find in your size. At that point, you send in your measurements using our form and foot trace. Our craft masters will create a custom pair of lasts that specifically fit the exact contours of your feet.

Once the lasts are created, our designers will produce a pattern that not only reflects your exact measurements, but that is also the most well-crafted design of the pattern and style you selected. The designers work to showcase the natural beauty of your chosen leather. After the pattern is complete, our trained craftworkers will stitch the upper. The patterned leather is stitched together to create a durable upper with strong seams. It is then shaped to fit the precise measurement of your arch. And finally, a cobbler will craft a heel and sole, and add them to the shoe.

Your pair of shoes will be a work of art, while serving function on a highly comfortable, and durable level. Siam Leather Goods can design and craft a beautiful pair of custom leather shoes for large sizes, and the shoes will not only be stylish, they will be durable and strong. For more information on our customization options for large size shoes, feel free to contact us at

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