Orthopedic Shoes

If you wear orthopedic shoes, it does not mean you have to sacrifice style or beauty. Siam Leather Goods can design and craft custom leather shoes that meet the orthopedic measurements of any shoe. You can choose from our collection, or you can even send in a sample or design from a pair of shoes that you have always loved. You can also choose your favorite leather and color, as well.

Custom orthopedic shoes are a necessity for some people. For example, a person who has just undergone hip surgery might have trouble buying regular shoes because one leg is now longer than the other. Siam Leather Goods can make a pair of uneven shoes so that the customer can walk without limping. If you're allergic to the glue normally used when making shoes, we can hand-stitch your pair of shoes instead. These are just two examples of the custom-jobs that we can do.

Siam Leather Goods provides a foot trace that you simply download. This trace will ensure that our craft masters will pattern and cut the lasts, uppers, sole, and heel with absolute precision. You simply trace the outline of your foot with our form, and then you can email it or fax it back to us.

You also can email us with any other specific measurement or pattern concerns, so that we can ensure that your shoes will be made to fit you properly. We will work with you throughout the shoe crafting process so that your orthopedic shoes are beautiful, durable, and provide the care and comfort you need. For more information on customized orthopedic shoes, feel free to contact us at info@siamleathergoods.com.

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