‘Licence To Thrill’ Cammegh Existing 007 Collector’s Version Roulette Wheel.

Cammegh is proud to announce our official partnership with EON Productions, makers of the James Bond films, and our launch of the attractive 007 Collector’s Version Roulette Wheel.

Knowledge the world’s most famed casino recreation as under no circumstances in advance of with this great 50 percent-size replica of the Cammegh Vintage, utilised by casinos around the world.

The roulette wheel is precision-engineered applying higher high quality casino-grade components. It steps 40 cm in diameter and is completed in Piano Black, with a nickel-plated turret (engraved with the 007 logo) and stainless steel ball-stops. Cammegh’s distinctive scalloped separators and triple-curved ball-stops guarantee utmost randomness in every recreation.

James Bond famously bets on 17 – which selection will be yours?

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