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All shoes are custom made in order to fit your feet

All our shoes are custom made in order to fit your feet.  We are leading in handmade to measure shoes.  Our custom handmade shoes are carefully crafted and hand stitched with 100% leather sole and leather lining for outstanding comfort and appearance.

Available shoes to order are : stingray shoes, ostrich shoes, alligator men shoes, extra large size shoes, custom made shoes, dress shoes, shoes with orthopedic pad, custom shoes, extra large size men shoes, extra large size women shoes, extra wide men shoes, extra wide women shoes, extra narrow men shoes, extra narrow women shoes, small size shoes, men shoes, alligator shoes, ostrich shoes, stingray shoes, snake skin shoes, lamb skin shoes, crocodile shoes, alligator skin sandals, ostrich sandals, stingray sandal, custom made sandals, custom made boot, alligator boots, extra large size boots, ostrich boots, western boots, stingray skin boots, snake skin boots, lamb skin boots, crocodile skin boots, shark skin boots, women boots, orthopedic shoes


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